Complete Maths Brahamastra formula Book PDF

Complete Maths Brahamastra formula Book PDF for all Competetive Exams by Aditya Ranjan, Vikramjeet Sir

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6. Feb 2023
Complete Maths Brahamastra formula Book PDF

About this Book - Buy Book - Complete Maths Brahamastra formula book for all Competetive Exams by Aditya Ranjan and Vikramjeet Sir Useful for :- SSC ( CGL CHSL MTS CPO STENO GD and Delhi Police ), Railway, NTPC and Other State exams. Download full PDF

The only route to entry-level positions in the government sector that pay well is to succeed in competitive exams. You can do well on these tests by combining regular study with extracurricular activities like group discussions. One should have a certain goal in mind and a schedule for studying. One must debate current events and general knowledge with peers in order to ace interviews.

Book Details - 

Book Name Complete Maths Brahamastra formula
Author Aditya Ranjan & Vikramjeet Sir
Publisher Reasoning Guru
Language English
Paperback 108 pages
Weight 210 g


Here are a few helpful hints for getting ready for competitive exams: 

1. Plan Well

Half the work is completed with a well-laid plan. Learn about the examinations that you are taking and their schedule. Make a time estimate and a strategy for your study time.

2. Time Management

In order to succeed, it's important to manage your time effectively. Separate time for study, relaxation, and numerous other activities in your daily schedule to avoid confusion and distractions. Try to use your time as efficiently as possible.

3. Choose Subject Wisely

The subject you are most comfortable with should be carefully chosen. This has been cited by many students as being essential to success.

4. Shorter Study 

Studying right up until the deadline would only cause tension, weariness, and possibly even confusion. Choose the exam syllabus and gauge your degree of comfort with each part before creating a study schedule. Instead of doing everything all at once, students should devote more effort to their weak areas each day.

5. Mock Papers 

Practice with sample tests from past years would be very beneficial. This will give you a general concept of the exam format and force you to practise throughout the allotted time. Your speed and time management skills will also increase by solving practise exam questions.

6. Motivation

Motivate yourself by looking to your family, friends, and teachers, among others. Always keep in mind that motivation will help you achieve your goals. Additionally, key advice and directives should be put into practise after carefully studying interviews with previous winners of competitive exams.


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