How to Use Gemini Code Assist in Visual Studio Code

Discover how to set up and use Google Gemini Code Assist in Visual Studio Code to enhance coding efficiency with AI-driven code completions, debugging and more.

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26. May 2024
How to Use Gemini Code Assist in Visual Studio Code

Google's Gemini Code Assist, unveiled at the Cloud Next conference, is an AI-driven tool designed to enhance coding efficiency by providing code completions, generating functions, unit tests, and aiding in debugging and documentation. It operates on Gemini 1.5 Pro with a 1-million context window, surpassing competitors like GitHub Copilot.

Setting Up Gemini Code Assist in VS Code

1. Install Cloud Code Extension: Open VS Code, navigate to 'Extensions,' search for 'Cloud Code,' and install it.

2. Connect to Google Cloud: Use the 'Open Walkthrough' option, click 'Connect with Google Cloud,' sign in, and link your Google account.

3. Sign Up for Google Cloud (if needed): Register at for a free trial with $300 credits.

4. Activate Gemini in VS Code: Select a Google Cloud project with Cloud API enabled, or create a new one, and ensure the Cloud API is activated.

Using Gemini Code Assist

1. Generate Code: Create a new code file or open an existing one. Start typing to receive in-line suggestions, or use prompts by typing # followed by a request (e.g., # Function to create a Cloud Storage bucket) and pressing Ctrl + Enter.

2. Chat with Gemini: Click the Gemini icon in the Activity Bar to open the chat panel. You can ask Gemini to explain code, generate unit tests, or debug by typing queries or selecting code segments.

3. Additional Features: Use the Command Palette (Ctrl + Shift + P or Cmd + Shift + P on Mac) to access Gemini's functions like code explanation, code generation, and unit tests.


Gemini Code Assist, with its advanced context window and AI capabilities, promises to be a powerful tool for developers. It aims to streamline coding tasks, improve productivity, and provide robust support for various programming languages.

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