Life is what you make it Book PDF

Life Is What You Make It is one of Preeti Shenoy's best books to date. She has previously published seven books.

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20. Feb 2023
Life is what you make it Book PDF

Life is what you make it Book PDF by Preeti Shenoy is an author and an artist based at Bangalore, India. 

Buy Book - Life Is What You Make It, Preeti Shenoy's second book, was released on January 1, 2011, and it quickly became a national hit. The book was also included in the Hindustan Times' Nielsen list of the Top Books of 2011. The Times of India named the book as one of the all-time bestsellers of 2011. Download full PDF

Life is what you make it is based on a love story that takes place in 1990s India. Readers have described it as a book that shows how love, hope, and tenacity can work together to overcome even fate. It is an engrossing story about the protagonist's last few important years.

The protagonist of the book is Ankita, a lady in her 20s who is plagued by nightmares from her past. She navigates various problems as she matures from youth to a lady in her mid-20s, has relations with a few guys, and is hindered by her parents' inability to accept her situation. Ankita eventually develops bipolar disorder due to the many upheavals in her life. The focus of the narrative is on Ankita's challenges, tenacity, choices, and self-belief. The book elegantly explains how she learns about her bipolar disease, makes the decision to take care of herself, and handles these problems on her own.

Although the book's title somewhat summarises its main idea, Preeti did a wonderful job of making her argument through an engaging story. Life Is What You Make It is one of Preeti Shenoy's best books to date. She has previously published seven books.

Life is what you make it Book PDF Details - 

Book Name Life is what you make it
Author Preeti Shenoy
Publisher Srishti Publishers
Language English
Paperback 224 pages
Weight 277 gram


About the Author - 

Preeti Shenoy, among the top five highest selling authors in India, is also on the Forbes longlist of the most influential celebrities in India.. Her work has been translated to many languages.She is India's most loved author, on life and relationships.

India Today has named her as being unique for being the only woman in the best-selling league. She has been awarded the ‘Indian of the Year’ award for 2017 by Brands Academy for her contribution to Literature. She has also received the Academia award for Business Excellence by the New Delhi Institute of Management. She has given talks in many premier educational institutions such as IITs and IIMs and corporate organisations like KPMG, Infosys and Accenture. She is also an artist specialising in portraiture and illustrated journalling.

Her short stories and poetry have been published in various magazines such as Conde Nast and Verve. She has been featured on BBC World, Cosmopolitan,The Hindu, Verve, Times of India and many more.

She has a very popular blog and also wrote a weekly column in The Financial Chronicle for many years. She has a massive online following. Her other interests are travel, photography and yoga. Her books include A Hundred Little Flames, It’s All In The Planets, Why We Love The Way We Do, The Secret Wish List, The One You Cannot Have and many others.



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