The Indian Metropolis Book PDF

As economic growth takes priority, questions about liveability and meaningful employment arise, along with concerns about the deteriorating law and order.

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1. Mar 2023
The Indian Metropolis Book PDF

The Indian Metropolis Book PDF by Feroze Varun Gandhi - Deconstructing India's Urban Spaces.

A monumental work that shows how economic vitality can go hand-in-hand with creating vibrant cities offering a haven for cultural and intellectual expression.

For most urban Indians, the past few years have been unsettling-we have seen neighbourhoods locked down for months during a pandemic, increasing the daily challenges of earning a living as well as of access to good healthcare and education.

Buy Book - Inflation has ravaged the land with spiralling prices of food, rent and transport. Our cities are hard to live in; lacking basic amenities, while being unaesthetic and discordant with our civilization. Download full PDF

As economic growth takes priority, questions about liveability and meaningful employment arise, along with concerns about the deteriorating law and order. In blindly and poorly aping Western models, our cities homogenize, losing their character, their identity and their soul. Meanwhile, climate change is no longer a mythical or distant possibility but a distinct and immediate reality.

A typical city must now cope with extreme temperatures, both flooding and water shortages and abysmal air quality. These can no longer be treated as threats but as certainties to be planned for.

The Indian Metropolis seeks to begin a national conversation on these issues and suggests ways to turn our cities into enabling, energizing environments geared towards enhancing the daily life of the average city dweller. 

The Indian Metropolis Book PDF Details - 

Book Name The Indian Metropolis Book
Author Feroze Varun Gandh
Publisher Rupa Publications India
Language English
Hardcover 842 pages
Weight 1.2 Kg


About the Author

Feroze Varun Gandhi is a third-term Member of Parliament, who has represented the Pilibhit and Sultanpur constituencies in Uttar Pradesh. He was the youngest-ever national secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party from 2008 to 2011, and the party's youngest-ever national general secretary from 2011 to 2014.

With a passion for policymaking, he has been a member of several parliamentary standing committeesincluding those on defence and external affairs. He is a widely respected opinion leader and policyanalyst, writing for 20+ newspapers in all major Indian languages. His incisive views have helpedshape debates on policy matters, while keeping millions engaged (over 200 million readers) throughhis widely read columns.


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