7 Lesser-Known OneNote Features You Should Use Today

Learn 7 hidden OneNote features that can boost your productivity and enhance your note-taking experience. Start using them today!

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8. Jun 2024
7 Lesser-Known OneNote Features You Should Use Today

Microsoft OneNote is a versatile and powerful tool for note-taking, organizing information, and collaborating with others. While many users are familiar with its basic features, such as creating notebooks, sections, and pages, OneNote offers a range of lesser-known functionalities that can significantly enhance your productivity. Here are seven lesser-known OneNote features you should start using today.

1. Immersive Reader

The Immersive Reader is an incredible tool for improving reading comprehension and accessibility. It’s designed to help users with reading difficulties, but it’s useful for anyone who wants to enhance their reading experience.

How to Use It: Select the text you want to read, right-click, and choose Immersive Reader. Alternatively, go to the View tab and select Immersive Reader.

Benefits: The tool provides options to adjust text size, spacing, and background color. It can also read the text aloud, highlight parts of speech, and break down words into syllables.

2. Math Assistant

OneNote's Math Assistant can solve equations and provide step-by-step solutions, making it a valuable tool for students and professionals working with mathematical data.

How to Use It: Write or type an equation, select it, and click the Math button under the Draw tab. Choose Solve for x or other relevant options.

Benefits: Beyond solving equations, it can graph functions and offer interactive features to help understand mathematical concepts better.

3. Tags and Search

Tags help you organize and prioritize your notes, while OneNote’s robust search functionality ensures you can quickly find what you need.

How to Use It: Highlight text and click Home > Tags to choose from predefined tags like To-Do, Important, or Question. Use the search bar (Ctrl + F) to find tagged content.

Benefits: Tags categorize your notes for better organization, and the search feature allows you to locate specific information effortlessly.

4. Embedded Files and Printouts

OneNote allows you to embed various types of files and printouts directly into your notes, making it a central hub for all your documents.

How to Use It: Drag and drop files into your OneNote page or use Insert > File to embed documents. For printouts, use Insert > File Printout.

Benefits: Embedded files keep all relevant documents together. You can annotate directly on printouts, making it easier to review and reference important information.

5. Template Pages

Templates can save time and ensure consistency across your notes. OneNote offers a variety of templates for different purposes, such as meeting notes, to-do lists, and planners.

How to Use It: Go to Insert > Page Templates and choose from the available options. You can also create and save your own custom templates.

Benefits: Templates streamline the note-taking process, ensuring you don’t miss any important details and maintain a uniform structure across your notes.

6. Password Protection

For sensitive information, OneNote provides an option to password-protect individual sections of your notebooks, ensuring that your private data remains secure.

How to Use It: Right-click on a section, choose Password Protection, and set a password.

Benefits: This feature adds an extra layer of security, making it safer to store confidential information like personal notes, business plans, and financial data.

7. Audio and Video Recording

OneNote’s audio and video recording features are perfect for capturing lectures, meetings, or personal reminders.

How to Use It: Navigate to Insert > Audio or Insert > Video to start recording.

Benefits: Recordings are embedded directly into your notes, allowing you to listen or watch them at any time. You can take notes while recording, and OneNote will time-stamp your notes to match the recording.


OneNote is much more than a digital notebook. Its diverse features, from the Immersive Reader and Math Assistant to tags, templates, and multimedia capabilities, can greatly enhance how you organize, study, and work. By integrating these lesser-known features into your daily workflow, you can unlock the full potential of OneNote, making your note-taking more efficient, organized, and effective. Start exploring these features today and see how they can transform your productivity.

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