Can Computers Learn Common Sense?

Explore AI's quest for common sense. Learn challenges, progress, and the future of machines understanding our world. Discover more.

6. Sep 2023
Can Computers Learn Common Sense?

One of the most exciting and difficult tasks in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is to give machines a sense of reason. Humans take for granted common sense, the capacity to make everyday decisions and grasp the environment instinctively. But can computers learn and apply common sense reasoning? We examine the interesting world of AI, common sense, and the continuous effort to teach machines this crucial ability in this essay.

Understanding Common Sense

Human intelligence is built on common sense. It's the capacity to understand ideas that, although simple to us, are tremendously difficult to machines. Take this statement as an illustration: "If you put a cup of hot coffee in the refrigerator, it will cool down." A machine might not have the same sense as a human when it comes to how the hot coffee will cool.

Challenges in Teaching Common Sense to Computers

It's not simple to teach common sense to computers. This is still a huge difficulty for a number of reasons:

1. Ambiguity: The ambiguity in natural language is inherent. Machines have a tough time accurately interpreting phrases since the same word might have several meanings depending on the context.

2. Contextual Understanding: Understanding context and prior information is frequently a prerequisite for using common sense. Our common sense includes understandings such as the fact that fire is hot and water is moist. This contextual nuance is lacking in machines.

3. Inference: Humans are quite good at drawing conclusions from unreliable data. Without specific evidence, computers find it challenging to make logical leaps.

Approaches to Teach Common Sense

Despite the challenges, researchers have been making progress in teaching computers common sense:

1. Knowledge Graphs: Building deep knowledge networks that link ideas and facts can make computers think more like people. This is what initiatives like Google's Knowledge Graph are aiming for.

2. Machine Learning: Huge datasets are being used to train machine learning algorithms so they can better grasp context and generate predictions that make sense.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Although they are far from possessing actual common sense, NLP models like OpenAI's GPT-3 have showed promise in comprehending and producing text that resembles human speech.

The Road Ahead

While computers are still far from possessing common sense on par with humans, advancements are being made. A key objective of AI research is the creation of AI systems that can comprehend and reason similarly to humans. If this is accomplished, a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, autonomous cars, and customer service, might undergo a revolution.


AI researchers are attempting to teach machines common sense, but they are up against a formidable obstacle. We are getting closer to this objective every day thanks to developments in machine learning, knowledge representation, and natural language processing, notwithstanding the challenges. AI systems that not only resolve issues but also comprehend the world with human-like intuition may exist in the future. Until then, one of the most intriguing areas of AI research is the quest to teach computers common sense.

In summary, the area of artificial intelligence is engaged in a challenging and continual effort to teach computers common sense. While there are still many obstacles to overcome, researchers are making progress in giving robots this basic human skill, bringing us closer to a time when AI systems can really understand and reason like people.


What is common sense in the context of AI?

The term "common sense" in AI refers to a machine's capacity to comprehend and use common sense knowledge about the world, much like a human does.

Why is teaching common sense to computers important?

Computers must be taught common sense in order for them to make better judgements, comprehend context, and interact with the outside world more successfully. It can improve a variety of applications, including natural language processing and driverless cars.

What are the challenges in teaching common sense to computers?

The difficulties include handling ambiguity in language, comprehending context, drawing conclusions, and creating huge knowledge bases that computers can utilise for reasoning.

How are researchers approaching the problem of teaching common sense to AI systems?

To teach computers common sense, researchers are turning to techniques like knowledge graphs, machine learning, and natural language processing. For the purpose of expanding AI's comprehension of the world, they are building enormous databases and upgrading algorithms.

Are there any AI systems that currently possess common sense?

Despite substantial advancements, no AI system has yet attained common sense on par with humans. The majority of AI systems are still unable to comprehend and reason about the world as thoroughly as humans.

What potential applications can benefit from AI with common sense?

Healthcare, education, robotics, customer service, and other industries might all see a transformation thanks to AI with common sense. It would allow machines to help people in difficult decision-making and problem-solving activities more effectively.

What is the future outlook for teaching common sense to computers?

However, establishing common sense that is comparable to human common sense remains a difficult aim for the area of AI research. AI systems with more advanced common sense thinking skills may exist in the future.

How can I stay updated on developments in AI and common sense?

Follow respected AI research organisations, conferences, and tech news sites to remain current on the most recent developments in AI and common sense. You may also go through related scholarly articles and papers.

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