Nothing Phone (2) Gets Big Update With ChatGPT Integration

Nothing Phone (2) gets big 2.5.5 update, featuring ChatGPT integration and exciting new features. Stay tuned for improved functionality.

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21. Apr 2024
Nothing Phone (2) Gets Big Update With ChatGPT Integration

The Nothing Phone (2) is set to receive a significant update this week with Nothing OS 2.5.5. The highlight of this update is the integration of ChatGPT, enhancing accessibility to the AI chatbot. Additionally, several new features are introduced alongside numerous bug fixes.

With the latest app version from the Play Store, users can now add ChatGPT widgets to their home screens and utilize a shortcut in the screenshot UI for quick content pasting. Furthermore, a gesture for voice conversation with the chatbot through Nothing Ear products is introduced.

Other notable additions include Ultra XDR support in the camera, a RAM Booster, Ring Mode option, Recorder widget, battery widget, Glyph Interface debug mode, and more. The update also includes at least 13 major bug fixes.

The rollout of this update begins today, but it may take several days to reach all devices. Users are encouraged to check for the update regularly until it becomes available.

Nothing OS 2.5.5 Update

ChatGPT Integration – The following features are available with the latest ChatGPT version installed from the Play Store:

  • Added a new gesture option in Nothing X to start a voice conversation with ChatGPT for Nothing Ear & Nothing Ear (a). Coming soon to our other audio products.
  • Added new ChatGPT widgets to launch ChatGPT in different modes from your home screen for quicker access.
  • Added a button on the screenshot and clipboard pop-up to directly paste the content to a new conversation in ChatGPT.


More features

  • Camera now supports Ultra XDR. To set, head to Camera settings > Ultra XDR.
  • Within the camera app, Photo and Portrait Modes now feature an HDR switch. Activate or deactivate via the settings at the top.
  • Added RAM Booster feature. To set, head to Settings > System > RAM Booster.
  • Added a Ring Mode option in Quick Settings for easier sound management.
  • Added a new Recorder widget for effortless audio recording on-the-go.
  • Introduced a new Battery widget to monitor power usage more efficiently.
  • Added Glyph Interface Debug Mode to developer options.


Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced system stability, NFC functionality, and Wi-Fi connection stability.
  • Optimised animations for smoother widget and app openings.
  • Improved response speed when setting Bluetooth in Quick Settings.
  • Optimised volume settings to make interactions more intuitive.
  • Improved clarity of album cover display in the Music Player widget.
  • Fixed experience issues when switching SIM cards with the Data during call feature enabled.
  • Resolved flickering when launching apps from Quick Settings on the lock screen.
  • Resolved flickering issues on the AOD interface.
  • Addressed the disappearance of lock screen widgets after ending screen share in certain scenarios.
  • Addressed abnormal lock screen wallpaper display when swiping-to-unlock is interrupted.
  • Fixed a widget display issue which showed Bluetooth as being off when a watch was connected.
  • Resolved frequent refreshing and flickering when setting Wi-Fi in the Quick Settings widget.
  • Other bug fixes and performance enhancements.


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