Oppo Introduces Air Glass 3 XR Prototype at MWC 2024

Experience the future with Oppo's Air Glass 3 XR at MWC 2024 – a blend of AI brilliance, lightweight design, and cutting-edge optics. Your gateway to a seamlessly connected world.

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27. Feb 2024
Oppo Introduces Air Glass 3 XR Prototype at MWC 2024

In a dazzling showcase at MWC 2024, Oppo, a tech juggernaut, has unveiled its cutting-edge Air Glass 3 XR eyewear prototype, blending AI innovation seamlessly into our daily lives.

AI-Powered Burdenless Experience

Oppo's Air Glass 3 XR promises an unprecedented AI encounter, effortlessly accessing the AndesGPT model via smartphones. By eliminating the need for physical interaction, Oppo envisions a truly "burdenless" experience, redefining user engagement with artificial intelligence.

Feather-Light Design with Advanced Optics

Weighing in at a mere 50 grams, the Air Glass 3 boasts a self-developed resin waveguide with a refractive index of 1.70. This, combined with a peak eye brightness exceeding 1,000 nits, ensures an immersive and comfortable experience comparable to traditional eyewear.

Best-in-Class Display Technology

Oppo sets a new standard with the Air Glass 3, promising the best full-color display in its category. The advanced optics and cutting-edge technology aim to replicate the familiarity of regular glasses while delivering an unparalleled visual experience.

Versatile AI Voice Assistant and Touch Interaction

Powered by the AndesGPT model, the eyewear features an intuitive AI voice assistant. Beyond voice commands, it supports touch interactions, offering control over music, voice calls, information display, and image browsing. The integration of four microphones enhances noise isolation, promising a high-quality audio output for an immersive user experience.

Future-Forward Features for Seamless Connectivity

Oppo's Air Glass 3 XR is not just a piece of technology; it's a vision of the future. With its forward-looking features, this eyewear prototype aims to seamlessly integrate into daily life, bridging the gap between AI innovation and user convenience.


As Oppo continues to push the boundaries of technology, the Air Glass 3 XR stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation, promising a future where advanced AI and wearable technology converge seamlessly. Stay tuned as Oppo propels us into a new era of intelligent, interactive eyewear.

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