YouTube Launches Playables for Premium Subscribers

The newly introduced YouTube Playables feature enables users to directly access and play games on the YouTube website or mobile app, exclusively available to subscribers of YouTube Premium.

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27. Nov 2023
YouTube Launches Playables for Premium Subscribers

YouTube recently made a significant announcement regarding its stance on ad blockers, signaling a proactive approach to address this issue. As part of its strategic initiative, the platform unveiled a comprehensive enhancement plan for its premium service. This initiative aims to encourage users to opt for a subscription-based model by offering an enriched experience beyond ad-free content. Subscribers can now enjoy a multitude of exclusive features and benefits, essentially elevating their viewing experience while bypassing advertisements. This move not only allows users to skip ads but also grants them access to an array of enticing functionalities, enhancing the overall value proposition of YouTube's premium service.

Playables, touted as one of the coveted additions, is purportedly undergoing its phased release to subscribed users. This feature, residing as an independent segment within the YouTube application or the desktop site, introduces an intriguing dimension by offering access to an array of arcade-style games. As part of this rollout, select Premium subscribers have begun receiving notifications from YouTube, inviting them to activate the Playables feature via their account settings. This implementation marks a deliberate step by YouTube to further enrich the user experience, providing an additional avenue for engagement within the platform's ecosystem.

Enabling the Playables tab grants immediate access to a curated selection of 37 games, including popular titles like Angry Birds Showdown. Notably, these games are seamlessly playable without the need for any downloads, operating directly within the desktop browser or the YouTube mobile application.

This strategy echoes a tactic previously observed with Netflix, albeit its success remains uncertain. YouTube's tentative approach toward this innovation is evident in its decision to offer the service until March 28, 2024. The platform intends to gauge the reception and viability of the Playables feature before making a conclusive determination about its continuity beyond this specified timeline. This calculated timeframe allows YouTube to assess user engagement and the feature's impact on the overall user experience, guiding its future decisions regarding the permanence of the Playables tab.

YouTube Premium, available in India at an attractive monthly rate of Rs. 129, encompasses a suite of exclusive features designed to augment the user experience. Subscribers gain access to an ad-free environment, offline content downloads, background play functionality, as well as the inclusive benefits of YouTube Music and YouTube Originals.

Moreover, YouTube extends the convenience of prepaid plans catering to various durations: 12 months, 3 months, and 1 month, priced at Rs. 1,290, Rs. 399, and Rs. 139, respectively. This tiered structure allows users the flexibility to opt for a plan that aligns with their preferences and usage patterns, ensuring accessibility to the Premium experience at diverse intervals, catering to their convenience and budgetary considerations.

How to Enable YouTube Playables?

As a YouTube Premium subscriber, gain access to Playables by following these outlined steps:

Step 1 - Launch the YouTube app and navigate to your profile icon.

Step 2 - Select "Your Premium Benefits" from the menu.

Step 3 - Tap on "Try experimental new features."

Step 4 - Look for the newly added "Games" section that appears on your YouTube homepage.

What Games are available in YouTube Playables?

YouTube Playables offers a diverse range of games like Angry Birds: Showdown, Brain Out, Daily Crossword, Scooter Extreme, and Cannon Balls 3D. Google intends to introduce additional games to the platform in upcoming updates.

When will YouTube Playables be Available to Everyone?

There's no confirmed release date for the complete launch of Playables by Google. However, ongoing testing is underway with YouTube Premium subscribers, with projections suggesting availability for all users in the initial half of 2024.

Note - We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.


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