What is FaceTime and How it Works?

In this article you will learn what is FaceTime and How it Works? With the FaceTime App, find out how to make video call between Apple PC, Phone and tablets.

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8. May 2023
What is FaceTime and How it Works?

In this article you will learn what is FaceTime and How it Works? With the FaceTime App, find out how to make video chats between Apple computers, smartphones, and tablets. 



What is FaceTime?

FaceTime is an App or Application, that enables users to make online voice and video chats. If you use Apple products, as do the majority of your friends and family, it's wonderful for staying in touch.

On Apple Computer's products, including iPhones, iPads, and Mac PCs, FaceTime is available. You do not need to download or manually install the application because it is already installed on those devices.

How FaceTime works?

You can use FaceTime to make video calls to contacts on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Mac. You can call anyone on your contacts list who has FaceTime. You may see someone's face in full screen when you video call them. Your face will be displayed on a little screen so the person you're phoning can see who you are.

How much does it cost to video call with FaceTime calls?

Calling others who are also using FaceTime is cost-free when you have a home or mobile data plan. You won't be charged more than your regular monthly data rate if you converse for as long as you like.

Use caution when utilising your iPhone's mobile data connection to make video calls because going over your monthly data allotment could result in additional charges. Use your home Wi-Fi to conduct FaceTime video conversations whenever possible.

Contacts in FaceTime

FaceTime lacks a contact list as other video calling apps do. Instead, it makes use of the contacts list on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

For instance, you most likely have a list of contacts on your iPhone so that you can call individuals you know. Which of those individuals has FaceTime can be determined automatically by FaceTime. You can call them if any of them have FaceTime.

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How to Add a Contact?

FaceTime uses your current contact list, thus adding a contact works exactly like adding any other contact:

On an iPhone - Tap the Phone icon on the Home screen of an iPhone. To add a new contact, next tap Contacts and the + button.

On an iPad - Tap the Contacts app icon on the iPad's Home screen. After that click the + button to add a contact.

On an Apple PC - Click the Contacts icon in the Dock at the bottom of the screen on an Apple computer. Then, to add a new contact, click the plus sign (+).

How to Make a Call in FaceTime?

Just follow these steps to begin a video call in FaceTime on an iPad:

Step 1 - To launch the FaceTime app, tap on its icon on the Home screen.

Step 2 - To call someone, tap the Search button, then use the on-screen keyboard to enter their name. FaceTime looks up the name you've looked for in your contacts list.

Step 3 - A video camera icon is displayed next to the name of the person if they have FaceTime. To start the video call, tap it.

Step 4 - The phone or tablet of the other individual will ring. To accept the call, they can tap the green answer button.

Step 5 - FaceTime displays the person you contact at full screen size, similar to most video calling programmes, and you as a tiny picture inside the screen. 

Step 6 - Tap the red "end call" button when you're ready to end the call.

Step 7 - By tapping the microphone button, you can turn off your microphone during a call. To restart your microphone, tap it once more.

Step 8 - By hitting the Home button, you can also switch off the camera's video. Your camera will turn off and you'll be taken to your home screen. To return to the call, tap the Touch to resume FaceTime bar on the display.

It is pretty similar to use FaceTime on an iPhone or an Apple PC.


FaceTime is designed to be simple to use. When seeing a contact in your contacts list and hitting or selecting the FaceTime button, you can even make calls. Simply choose out who you want to speak with, press or click the FaceTime button, and start a conversation!


Note - We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.


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