You can now watch YouTube videos with friends

You may now share videos with friends through FaceTime if you have a YouTube Premium subscription. You can now watch YouTube videos with friends.

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8. May 2023
You can now watch YouTube videos with friends

With millions of unique views every day and billions in daily views alone, YouTube is a hugely popular video-sharing website.

In order to produce a remarkable user experience, it also offers features created to increase user experience, such as its voice chat function or video queuing features.

You may now share videos with your pals over FaceTime if you subscribe to YouTube Premium. Google is enhancing YouTube in an effort to increase the number of subscribers to the well-known video site.



Apple's Share Play

Through FaceTime calls, you may view movies or TV episodes with pals using SharePlay. Everyone may pause, rewind, or fast-forward at any time thanks to the feature's shared controls and synchronised media playback. Use this function on an iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, or Apple TV with Wi-Fi or cellular data plans. It's very helpful when travelling and without having access to WiFi networks. 

You can send GIFs and emojis during a FaceTime video chat by tapping the GIF icon at the bottom of your screen, or you may send sounds by tapping the Messages button. For iOS devices running the most recent operating system (iPhone 4s or later, iPad Pro (all models), and iPod touch 5th generation), FaceTime is free to download from the App Store. FaceTime audio calling can also be done using a cellular data plan if you have one. 

The data use for this voice-only version is lower than for the conventional video version. Beyond SharePlay, YouTube will provide higher-quality videos for iOS with 1080p HD quality for more detail and action. There is no need for an internet connection because higher-quality videos can stream across Wi-Fi and cellular data networks on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 8 Plus models.

Sharing YouTube videos with Facetime

FaceTime makes it simple to share YouTube videos with anyone using an Apple device running the most recent iOS version by sending them a link that launches any app that supports SharePlay immediately.

In comparison to earlier iterations of YouTube, which only let the upload of one video at a time, this functionality is an improvement. Now, sharing numerous videos at once gives consumers the ideal opportunity to showcase playlists or feature-length films.

YouTube Premium customers can now make a playback queue as a result of this change. This enables them to schedule a number of videos to play automatically on a single device that is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data networks, one after another.

Upgrading Google (Alphabet)

With the introduction of YouTube Premium, Google has made tremendous progress towards boosting subscription rates. With this service, users can now access their entire library on mobile and tablet devices. This action represents a significant step in their direction.


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